Oving Dexter Beef

More Flavour - Fewer Miles


Dexter beef is exceptionally tasty and tender. Whether you enjoy a traditional Sunday roast, warming casserole or sizzling steak, Dexter beef is hard to beat. 


We are a small local producer with a herd of around 100 Dexter cattle on our farm in the village of Oving, Buckinghamshire.


Our cattle are completely grass fed, we breed and rear our own steers and mature the beef traditionally. 


Thank you to all our customers (old and new) who are ordering from us, and for their co-operation with the new collection arrangements. 


Beef Currently Available  

We currently have a limited range of roasting joints and slow cook cuts available for collection, by appointment, from the farm including: 

  • Diced braising steak

  • Rolled brisket

  • Chuck steak

  • Shin 


We also have a limited range of steak:

  • Sirlion

  • Rib eye

  • Minute steak


Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to order by emailing orders@ovingdexterbeef.co.uk or telephoning / texting Maxine on 07725 924145.  


More supplies of fresh meat available week commencing 20th April

We will have our full range of  cuts available for collection the week beginning 20th April. Customers can be assured that we have arrangements in place for safe collection of orders from the farm. All orders must be placed in advance. We are offering appointments for collection at 15 minute intervals between 2pm – 6pm Tuesday -  Friday and 10am – 2pm on Saturday and Sunday. We will have your order ready for you and would ask that only one person comes onto the farm to collect it. We will maintain social distancing (people keeping 2 metres apart) and would ask you to do the same. We would prefer card payments to avoid handling cash.


Please browse our online shop and if you want to place an order indicate an preferred date and time for collection. We will get back to you to both confirm your order and whether we can accommodate your preference or need to offer a different time. We will offer a 10% discount on orders over £50.


You can now 'click and collect' Visit our online shop today!



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