Beef Products

All our meat is vacuum packed for freshness and suitable for home freezing.


Cuts of beef


Delicious minced beef which makes excellent bolognaise, lasagne, cottage pie or chilli con carne, or try one of our other mince recipes.


Each pack is approx 500g.


£8.20 per Kilo

Diced Shin

Prized for its unique texture and tasty flavour, shin makes excellent casseroles and stews and is great value for money.


Each pack is approx 500g.


£7.50 per Kilo

Stewing Steak

One of our bestsellers, our stewing steak has great flavour. It is the perfect cut for a slow cooker and is superb in casseroles and stews.


Each pack is approx 500g.


£9.70 per Kilo

Braising Steak

Braising steak makes extra special casseroles and is great for feeding dinner party guests. Braising means cooking the meat in liquid such as wine or stock. Cut it into bites sized chunks or whole 'steak' sized pieces.


Each pack is approx 500g.


£10.70 per Kilo

Joints - Rib on the Bone

A joint of Rib on the Bone looks spectacular and has an intense beef flavour. It is a fantastic roasting joint and particularly good for special occasions. Why not try it at Christmas as an alternative to Turkey? It can be cut to size in 2, 3 or 4 rib joints.


Please note that Dexter ribs are smaller than average so you may need more ribs than you would from other breeds of cattle.


£14.50 per Kilo

Joints - Top Side

An excellent cut for roasting; a joint of Top Side makes the quintessential British Sunday lunch, all you need are Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, veg and gravy!


Equally good if left to go cold and sliced thinly for a salad or a sandwich.


£12.70 per Kilo

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